charlie paterson

Hello my name is Charlie Paterson and I think the best thing about working at River Beat would be we are like a close little family.

I also love the ability to be creative with cocktails.
I'm influenced by one name Dick Bradsel who is the creator of the Espresso Martini ‘of course’.
Being front of house I do love making the Pink Grapefruit & Chilli Margarita with that salty rim.
I have been working in the industry for over 16 years, from starting out at a small family run bakery to working here at Riverbeat.
To follow my love to travel I also went to work away on super yachts were I found my favourite place to date. Mykonos a small Greek island ‘if you know me you know why’. With its cosmopolitan and fashionable vibes, delish restaurants and fantastic cocktail bars.
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