About us

Eating is the most social aspect of asian life, people love sharing food! Here in Newcastle, we also love spending time enjoying food together.?

At River Beat?we are taking you back to the?roots of authentic asian cuisine and how it is eaten.?Our tapas gives you the opportunity to share a variety of tastes from salty to spicy, sour to?sweet, and enjoy them together!?Your dining experience can be as relaxed as you like. Enjoy a selection of tapas served in no particular order and share with friends or have as a starter followed by a main. ?Or why not order everything to arrive together? However?you want it, that’s fine with us.

We’ve?create a place where we would love to eat. A place where flavours could be shared and sampled. A relaxed place where you?re as comfortable dining alone as with friends and family.?So sit back, enjoy the surroundings?and?enjoy the food while listening to some of the best beats around.

Chef de Patron Andy Drape has travelled across Asia to bring authentic tastes and flavours back to Newcastle.?Travelling though Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Malaysia, Andy has been influenced by the dishes of each region.

Over the years Andy has won a number of awards including the Metro Best Newcomer Restaurant Runner up, a R?my Martin Award and a Best Tyne & Wear Restaurant Award. He has also previously worked as head chef at Sohe, Blackfriars and Barn Asia.

We have a great range of offers throughout the week, for more info?click here.

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